Tika 是一家基于基因检测技术,主打精准护肤概念的美容机构。在拿到这个课题时,我们马上联想到,基因作为人体底层代码,与编程语言具有意象上的相通性。于是我们从编程代码的视觉形态中提炼图形元素,并以棋盘状的栅格系统,为视觉元素建立程序化的延展规则。

Beauty institution promoting precise gene-test based skincare concept, Tika immediately shot me with the inspiration that gene – as the fundamental coding form of human-being – has an obvious similarity to computer programing, so we took the basic brand graphic from computer programing and put it in a grid system that could grow in a systematic order.